NEWS: INTRODUCING...More to Monroe

August 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

​Frederick, Maryland's More to Monroe will release their Appalachia EP on 9/18.


The band is newly signed to Roadrunner Records. They make smartly frantic and discordant post-hardcore noise... the kind that heavy music fans love.


More to Monroe's music is what you'd get if you fused Glassjaw's emotional nerve center and moshy, white-knuckle intensity with the fierceness of Thursday, Fugazi, or Quicksand.


Watch the video for "Jack" to get a taste of More to Monroe's foaming-at-the-mouth, push 'n' pull, almost unstable metallic ferocity.


Be one of the first champions of More to Monroe as they begin their ascent! Oh, and while we have you here, check out their cover of The 1975's "Sex."


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