NEWS: Maisy Kay Premieres Lavish Art Pop Single "Sleep" via Pop Matters (Listen/Share!)

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Maisy Kay is a 16-year-old self-taught pianist whose voice effuses theatricality at some moments and tenderness during others. The UK born / LA based iron-lunged ingénue reveals her latest song “Sleep” today via Pop Matters.


With a flair for the dramatic  (think Freddie Mercury does Phantom of the Opera) and lyrics in both Latin and English. “Sleep” showcases the beautiful chaos of insomnia through sophisticated songwriting and complex arrangements.


“The song came to me one night at 3 am, which seems appropriate,” explains Maisy. “I wanted to show how chaotic your mind gets without sleep. The bridge and chorus are written in Latin, the mother tongue. I felt strongly that the chant needed to be in another language and was drawn to the Latin origin of the word Insomnia (īnsomnis).”


Maisy has garnered praise for her piercing debut single "Blood Filled Tears" (about a close friend's suicide) from outlets such as Vanity Fair and Black Book. Her second single "Enough" - which premiered via Yahoo - is a poetic self-acceptance anthem that showcases Maisy's shimmering, mezzo-soprano vocal range and her intimate, confessional lyrics.


“Enough” via soundcloud or spotify

“Blood Filled Tears” via Soundcloud or Spotify


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