NEWS: SCALA MERCALLI Release New Making-of Video For "Hero of two Worlds"

May 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Heavy metallers SCALA MERCALLI have released a "making of" of the videoclip of their song "Hero of Two Worlds". The song is about Giuseppe Garibaldi and is from their new album "New Rebirth" (released on October 10th 2015, worldwide, via Art Gates Records), which is mostly about the Italian Risorgimento.


In the "making of", the band explains the reason why they chose to talk about this character and about his great importance on italian and world history on nineteen century, particularly referring to some analogies between the past and the present days.


Band comments the video: "Explaining in music the deeds of such a character can help us to remember that we still have to be united, because, as he taught us, when we are united, everything is possible".


Watch the Making Of video here:

"Hero of two Worlds - (Giuseppe Garibaldi)" Video:


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