NEWS: The Company We Keep Premieres New Track on Alternative Press

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Detroit, MI - October 25, 2013The Company We Keep, who recently announced the release of their new album, Sound / No Sound, has just premiered a brand new song, "Shadowing" on Alternative Press. When asked about the story behind track, The Company We Keep's Branden Morgan explains, "I remember the first time I heard this song as a demo... The chorus stood out like nothing else on the album, so simple but so effective. The urgency of Haden's vocals mixed with the odd time signature and noisy moments of the bridge make it one of the strongest tracks of the record. " Check out "Shadowing" on Alternative Press, here:


"Shadowing" is the fourth single off the upcoming album, which will be released via Easy Killer Records on October 29th, 2013. Recorded By Ed Ackerson (The Replacements, Metro Station) at his own Flowers Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota,Sound/No Sound sees the band fusing their electronic elements with blazing guitars and soaring vocals to create a unique brand of music that will please fans of everyone from Paramore to The Postal Service. The first track off the album, "Control," was released on Absolute Punk just after a mysterious campaign where over 20 musicians including Riley Breckenridge, Soupy Campbell, Justin Pierre, Shane Henderson, Vic Fuentes (and many more) posted about the song on their own social platforms.  Property Of Zack called it "The Latest Viral Mystery: Sound / No Sound".  You can check out the end result on Absolute Punk, here: can also check out "Held Together" on Buzznet here and "Miles Away" on Artist Direct here.


The Company We Keep is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Brian Southall (Boys Night Out, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Isles & Glaciers) who enlisted Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre to pen the lyrics and vocal melodies for this project while Southall was working as MCS' tour manager. "The Company We Keep Started right before TREOS broke up and at the time I had released a few tracks on my own with various singers, assuming it would never be anything more than a creative outlet for myself as a side-project" Southall explains. "Later I was on the road with Justin and he would hear me working on songs from time to time. We started collaborating together and decided to work on an electronic project. It eventually evolved into something more rock-oriented, mostly due to the fact that I never thought I would truly be comfortable just performing on stage with only a laptop and no actual band."


Once that was decided Southall enlisted Misery Signals' drummer Branden Morgan to release their debut EP on Motion City Soundtrack's label The Boombox Generation last year, however The Company We Keep in its current form wasn't complete until they enlisted powerhouse vocalist Haden Brightwell. "We found Haden via a submission to AbsolutePunk when we were auditioning singers, and her demo was absolutely amazing," Southall recalls sounding as if he still can't believe his luck. "We flew her out to Michigan immediately and she was the only person we auditioned before asking her to join the band."


With their current line-up and fresh new talent in place, the band were ready to begin work on Sound/No Sound, which included new material as well as ideas Southall had been working on for years. "I knew Brian wanted a female singer, so at first I tried my best to write from that point of view," Pierre-who doesn't perform with the band live due to his other duties-explains. "I quickly abandoned that idea given my limited knowledge of the female race and went more for a Tom Waits-type thing, each song or grouping of songs being a different character with a different voice," he continues. "Once Haden entered the mix, she was able to make the songs more cohesive and adjust things accordingly."


In an increasingly formulaic music world, The Company We Keep is a breath of fresh air. Listening to their debut full-length Sound/No Sound, it's clear that the band have crafted these eleven rock anthems because they love music, not to try to capitalize on the latest trend-and that's probably the same reason why this collection of seasoned musical veterans are ready to skip straight to stardom with this varied collection of pop gems. For more information, please visit:


The Company We Keep will release Sound / No Sound via Easy Killer Records on October 29th.



November 14                 The Stache                                          Grand Rapids, MI

November 15                 Quenchers                                          Chicago, IL

November 16                 Smalls                                                   Hamtramck, MI

November 17                 Thursday's Lounge                            Akron, OH

November 18                 SUNY Hunt Union Waterfront          Oneota, NY

November 19                 Pianos                                                  New York, NY

November 20                 North Star Bar                                    Philadelphia, PA

November 21                 EvenFlow Bar                                     Bayshore, NY

November 22                 The Crossroads                                 Garwood, NJ

November 23                 Arch Street Tavern                            Hartford, CT

November 24                 the middle east                                  Cambridge, MA

November 27                 Smiling Moose                                   Pittsburgh, PA

November 28                 Phoenix Hill Tavern                          Louisville, KY

November 30                 Fubar                                                   St Louis, MO



  1. Control
  2. I Will Be What Haunts You Most
  3. Miles Away (Get Me Out Of Here)
  4. Shadowing
  5. The Guardian
  6. Rabbit Without A Hat
  7. Deserter
  8. Exposed
  9. The Better Half Of Nothing
  10. Closure

For more information, please visit:


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