ToddStar Photography | NEWS: Mustarinta: Metsästyskausi - first single and music video out now

NEWS: Mustarinta: Metsästyskausi - first single and music video out now

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”Mustarinta is in its positive darkness a genuine and refreshing newcomer on Finnish music scene. The whole record is high quality from the beginning to the end, and Metsästyskausi rose as my personal favorite.” - Panu Hattunen, head of programming, Ilosaarirock and Kerubi


”The first album of Mustarinta is an extremely dark, dreamlike story of life. But as a counterbalance there are also glimmers giving hope for a better tomorrow. If Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Springsteen, Flaming Lips and John Frusciante would have a baby after a huge orgy, the favorite band of that child would most likely be Mustarinta.” - Kalle Tarkiainen, editor-in-chief, Spine Magazine


Check the music video on Youtube.


Mustarinta was born when the former one one was put to rest. Highway Burns had started recording their second album after Dirt, Sand & Sleepless Nights (2012) but along the way it became clear that the new songs wasn’t Highway Burns. Thus, in agreement the band was put on a break.


"We went to make the new record from a clean slate, with no boundaries. What happened then was that the style, the language and the band changed. Mustarinta isn’t Highway Burns on Finnish, it’s a brand new band. Highway Burns is honestly taking a break and Mustarinta is going forward," says singer-guitarist Tuukka Tams.


Metsästyskausi is the first taste from the upcoming album called Pimeä tie. The song gives a look to what to expect from the album: acoustic instruments combined with growling electric guitars.  "Metsästyskausi sits somewhere between murder ballads and lullabies. Childishly frightening or frighteningly childish, either way," Tams says.


Music video of Metsästyskausi has also been released. It’s produced by Roistola Films, a company known from their artistic snowboard videos. The music video is a story about the end of childhood and the dark sides of humanity, straight forward.



March 13th: Kerubi, Joensuu


Mustarinta is from Joensuu with musicians from Highway Burns, Sweepin’ Tones and Eläin


Tuukka Tams (vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriting)

Jukka Rossi (electric guitar, backing vocals)

Joonas Pihlaja (trumpet, harmonica)

Heikki Kuikka (bass)

Antti Koukonen (drums)

(on the album, bass by Mikko Sorsa)


Pimeä tie is out on April 1st 2014 on cd, vinyl and download. It’s published by Broken Life Records.



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